“Kalna Paltes” – a family business located in the Vidzeme highlands and which in a beautiful area has cultivated its paradise with a scenic cherry hill, a large greenhouse with vegetables and herbs, a berry garden, and a strawberry field, creating a story about its tastes.

The family company grows, prepares, and offers products that are first of all loved by themselves, products that are grown with character, prepared with attitude, and temptingly packaged. The owners of "Kalna Paltes" are able to do it, because together they have the ability to feel, taste, hear and see the beautiful in order to put their own added value to it.

The company has different main directions because we like to create products that are liked by ourselves. And we like so many things. Growing herbs - from just a seed to a happy buyer; the farm has a strawberry field, possibly the biggest and the most beautiful cherry orchid in the Vidzeme highlands, a Latvian berry garden - blackcurrants, blueberries, gooseberries, and other berries; processing of cultivated products - from spicy sauces and marinated peppers for meat dishes and salads to sweet berry jams, syrups, etc.

Kalna Paltes offers basil pesto, which is prepared following a traditional Italian recipe with lightly roasted pine nuts, strawberry and cherry jams from home-grown berries. "Kalna Paltes" also offers hot peppers and products made from them (marinated, dried, prepared in sauces). In spring it is possible to buy seedlings. As an excellent product, Kalna Paltes also offers natural yeast bread with seeds.

Additional occupations - production of cultural events both in the territory of the farm and in any other place on the world map. One of the most demanded fields of activity is catering services - hiking restaurants in nature, home restaurants, setting of seminars, and family holiday tables.


Owners Uģis and Jolanta Sausiņi


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